Celebrating WCP Women in Construction

We want to highlight and thank all of the women at West Coast Partitions; each of them have made a difference in elevating the company and their hard work does not go unnoticed.


Melissa Spranaitis, our Project Administrator, started in the construction industry in 1989 while attending ASU. She encourages other women interested in construction, “Always try to learn something new every day from every person that you interact with. Ask questions. Be brave.”




Kimberly Herndon began her HR and Accounting career with a residential development & construction company for 3 years. She encourages women looking to enter the industry to go for it, advising, “Do not be intimidated by old stereotypes. There are numerous places where your skills can be invaluable and you would probably be surprised at how many more women there are behind the scenes making things happen than you imagined.”




Jennifer Mitchell has been surrounded by construction her whole life, but just recently entered the industry as Office Assistant here at WCP. She believes more women should join the construction industry, encouraging them, “Just because you hear the word ‘construction’ no woman should ever be afraid…. Get out there!! Who knows what kind of talent you have when it comes to construction.”




Tammy Slater, CEO of WCP, stumbled upon the construction industry in her previous career as a RN as she became involved with hospital design for nurse designated spaces. As Tammy worked with trade partners, she realized she not only had an interest in the building process, but noticed a lack of women in the industry.
Tammy’s advice for women looking to enter the industry is to not be intimidated even though you may be in the minority. She encourages using that as an advantage, saying, “Capitalize on the fact that you are different and offer a perspective that may be lacking.”